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You’ve got to be kidding me….

In my last post (which happened to be my first here), I mentioned the ridiculous thought of the implementation of MLB cheerleaders. No, I was not for this, mind you. And now I’m a little perturbed. A good friend of mine from high school, Scott Coombs (there…I said your name. Happy now?), read my post and then led me in the direction of something disturbing, the Florida Marlins website. There they have posted a page for the Marlin’s Mermaids, their cheerleading squad. I think this is one of the signs of the apocalyspe.

Silly Megan. How could she possibly think that MLB cheerleaders did not exist? Is she that in the dark? Is she uninformed? No, not at all. Who follows the Marlins in the first place? I guess ever since they lost Jeff Conine, they needed a draw. Some appeal. Some “oompf”. I personally think they would have done better actually placing a Hooters in Dolphin Stadium. Cheerleaders are geared to the male eye. But wings? Now that speaks to all! When I get wings, I could care less if it’s served by a Hooters Girl. All I can say is that the sauce better be as hot as the weather in Miami Gardens. 

I hope other teams don’t do this. Honestly. No team in MLB should have to resort to cheerleaders. I don’t care how small their attendance numbers are. Of course, not every team can be like my beloved Yankees. Not every team can go without player’s names on the backs of their jerseys, like my beloved Yankees. Not every team has the fabled history, such as that of my beloved Yankees. Every team should, however, let the focus fall on their players. Not bimbos with pom poms who stand on the top of a dugout, thinking that they’re sexy Phanatics.

Hey listen, if you’re going to have cheerleaders for your baseball team, and have them wear Hooters-like uniforms, let them toss wings into the seats, for Pete’s sake. I bet you can get a half dozen wings, wrapped in tin foil, in one of those t-shirt/hot dog nitrous-fueled cannons, and shoot them into the stands. Put these chicks to a good use.  

Just my two cents.