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Keep ’em coming big guy and I’ll come clean while we’re at it.

I probably choked the chicken on every Wang analogy so far this season. Could I have possibly run out? Perhaps it was because we were hearing just the same old story, of a loss for Chien-Ming Wang. But last night I think the tides may have turned for Wang, who got his first win this season to cap a series sweep against the Mets.

Wang, I may have been too hard on you in the past. Perhaps all you needed was the gentle easing in the rotation. We mixed it up for you a little when you first came off the DL, and we probably should have been more conservative. We should have inserted you slowly and steadily, letting you find your groove, get your rhythm back and secure your placement. My rants about your dysfunction were premature and short. I want to apologize for being rough on you.

There. I’ve come clean and I feel much better. Just keep ’em coming big guy. Congrats on your first win this season. And congrats on your son Justin, who filled in for you during a short span of “analogy block” that I battled for about a week. I appreciate his willingness to help me.

I think you may have rediscovered your heart for the game again. Hold on to it.