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Go away or we shall taunt you a THIRD time.

The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch is a total friggin’ dud. Just like it was in the last series against that ferocious bunny the Boston Red Sox, at Yankee Stadium, and now I’m starting to wonder that even if I built a Trojan Grady Little and had Zim push it up the gates of Fenway, and have Pedro pop out of it, that my efforts would go to sheer waste in scaring the crap out of the Boston Red Sox. Perhaps when CC orders his 27 pizzas for lunch today, he can send a few over to the Sox clubhouse after lacing them with ruffies, you know, as a good will gesture. So far this series has unacceptable to me as a die-hard Yankees fan. You can’t win games with AJ pitching his B game and Wang’s performance; limp like a homeless woman’s hairdo on a humid day.

I’m wondering if this is all a bad dream. Maybe I should go back to sleep and dream about calling Tonya Harding on the phone again, inquiring about her “Nancy Kerrigan style kneecap services”. This time, I don’t want her to take out the Red Sox. I want her to take out Wang so the Yankees have a legitimate reason to put him back on the DL, so he can get some rehab starts in Scranton. I know I’ve been having a lot of Wang angst lately. Totally frustrated; so frustrated that I don’t even want to look at stats. They are moot. I wonder if Wang can be put on the DL for Sax-Knobloch Syndrome. Even when you see amazing middle relief from Hughes and Aceves, it cannot reverse damage done by atrocious starting pitching. But I’m hoping that ONE good outing, from who Yankee fans can now consider their ace, CC Sabathia, will make a huge difference in overall team performance to end this series with a win. The Yankee bats have been very confident over the past month, but in order to uphold that confidence, stellar starting pitching needs to keep the fire going.


I could go on and on about how disgusted I was watching the first two games of this series. I could yell at the tops of my lungs about it. No one’s listening and it would be a huge waste of my energy. I need to save it for doing the laundry and cleaning the house today. Even though this series is against out AL East rival, we as fans, still need to keep in focus the fact that this is a 162 game season.  Tonight is game 60. David Cone said it best, “this is a marathon, not a sprint”. I know keeping this focus is hard to do when we live in an instant gratification world. I had to stop my ranting, take a deep breath, and look at the big picture. This is an amazing team. So far, this has been an exciting season. Seasons have ups and down, or speed bumps as some may call them. I refuse to think that the Red Sox are a complete roadblock.


The last game of this 3 game series at Fenway is at 7:10 tonight. Yankees ace, CC Sabathia takes the mound against Brad Penny. Put on your off road tires, people. We’re going to be driving over the bump.



Is Wang really up and at ’em? Analogies and other observations from the past week.

Is Wang really up and at ’em? Analogies and other observations from the past week.


Well, Wang was inserted in the rotation this past Thursday and was lifted by a Melky Cabrera single late in the game for a Yankees win and a no-decision. Quite frankly, his performance was deflating. Was Wang’s coming premature? Most definitely in my eyes. After his long stint on the DL, 13 innings in Scranton, and 6 innings from the bullpen for the pinstripes, I really didn’t have much confidence that he would be able to last in his first start back. Girardi set a pitch count of 75-80 for his return and that lasted only 4 and 2/3 innings. Phil Hughes was reassigned to the bullpen, still leaving starting rotation questions with fans, to make room for Wang. After Friday night’s rainout, the Yankee skipper took a good look at his rotation for the next series after Tampa, against Boston, and rearranged it, avoiding a Wang start against the chowdaheads. I did think to myself though, “hmmm, this kinda shows lack of confidence in Wang”. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is what it is. Girardi seems to have a firm grasp on it. What I really want to see (and hear) is Mike Francesa shut up.  Whether that be by tape over his mouth or self combustion, the method is not important. Never in all my years of “fandom” have I had to debate an abundance of starting pitchers. And yes, Joba IS a starting pitcher. According to Nick Swisher the “Jobameter” is pointing to starter. You will not change my mind on that.  And according to the seismic meter in Cleveland, Joba does a mean catching belly flop as well. Diving off the mound like he did Monday night against the Indians, made Greg Louganis look inferior to Rodney Dangerfield’s Triple Lindy in Back to School. As to how Joba would look in a Speedo? Yeah, I’m thinking about it.


Last Tuesday’s game saw the return of AJ Burnett. A win with the Yanks destroying the Rangers 12-3. Burnett went 7 innings with 8 strike outs. A beauty of a game.


Andy Pettitte took the mound last Wednesday against Texas. This game saw more walks by the Yanks starting pitcher than a Walk of Dimes benefit. Walks=losses. That’s really all I have to say about that.


Friday night’s game against the Rays was rained out. AGH. I seriously was going through severe baseball withdrawal. I was relegated to watch the O’s get shelled in Oakland. I must say, Giambi’s moustache has taken over that man’s face. I’m wondering if and when he announces his retirement, he’ll be going straight to DVD. Porn that is.  If not, perhaps he can rival for a spot in the mustache HOF next to Rollie Fingers. Friday night also saw the Red Sox lose to the Texas Rangers. I love you Julio Lugo. Yanks are back on top of the AL East by half a game. I love being on top.


I’m gearing up for this afternoon’s game against the Rays. Today sees CC Sabathia against the Rays phenom David Price. The two lefties duel at 1:05 this afternoon in the Bronx. The Rays are only one of three teams that the Yankees have a losing record against this season.  Sabathia has been on a winning roll as of late. Let’s keep it going CC.


I think I’m going to start gambling.

I’ve been feeling rather superstitious lately. It’s one of the main reasons why I haven’t written in over a week. The other being that I had company who didn’t have a clue about baseball and I HAD to entertain. What a cramp in my style.


I was in Baltimore for the game on the May 9th.  A-Rod was back, tons of Yankee fans in the stands. Hughes was on the mound and I had great hopes. So did Jeff Levinson, who sat behind me with his fiancĂ©e. This game was a college graduation present for Jeff. With Hughes giving up 8 runs in the 2nd, and after further innings of commiserating with my fellow fan, I soon realized that he would have rather gotten an enema than watch this debacle. I felt his pain, and kept thinking , “ok, A-Rod’s back. It’s gonna turn around now. HE TOLD ME SO”. But he went 0-3 with a walk, after going yard the night before on the first pitch of his first at bat. A good friend of mine tells me, repeatedly, that “you can’t count on them. Don’t get your hopes up Megan.” He actually told me that he was going to buy a KC Royals hat BUT they were sold out of his big head size on MLB.com. Well, you know what? The next time I talk to him, I’m going to get all Harry Kalas (may he rest in peace) on his ***. I’ve got high hopes baby, and you ain’t stopping my 4 train of thought.


Numbers and pie.


Say all that you want to about Alex Rodriguez. The man has come to save the day, just like he told me in my dream. That cape is a-flowin’. Since his return, the Yanks are 9-2. He’s hit 4 dingers in 4 consecutive games. Teixeira and Damon have become the Wonder Twins to his Superman. Rodriguez is a catalyst. And there has been a major reaction to his return. Teixeira’s batting average has jumped almost 50 points in 10 games, along with doubling his RBIs to 30 in the same period of time. Damon has been on fire, with his slugging percentage well above .600. The starting pitching has come around. CC has won his last 3 starts, striking out 7 batters, in 7 innings to achieve the Yankees 7th straight win, after the Yankees scored 7 runs in the bottom of the 7th (now you know why I want to gamble). The bullpen isn’t as shaky, with Coke even earning his first major league save.  Three walk-off home run wins, in three back-to-back-to-back games. A feat that hasn’t been done by the Yankees since 1972. Solid performances by Cabrera, Cervelli, Gardiner and Cash have helped. And even though A.J. Burnett was the last Yankee pitcher to lose a game in the past 11 match-ups, he has started what hopes to be the new Yankee tradition of taking a pie in the face. A positive pie. The negativity has to end.  And my high hopes are telling me that’s it’s only going to get better, especially with Bruney coming off the DL yesterday.


Tonight sees Hughes against Guthrie. My negative thoughts want to scream “oh good God”. I was witness to Hughes’ last start against Baltimore. While I may not bet that Hughes will go 8 innings, striking out 8 batters for the Yankees 8th straight win, I refuse to let the Donny Downer thoughts of my friend, who seemed ready to jump ship, seep back into my head. This is a different team than it was before May 8th. The fight and fun are back. Even Girardi has been smiling. Hughes needs the vibes of the past 12 days to resonate in his fastball. Unlike my AL Central, bandwagon jumping friend, I HAVE faith. I’ve been a Yankee fan since birth. You DON’T jump ship.


A.J.- get the pie ready. Victories are sweet.

Is it safe to come out now?

Ok, so I’ve been hiding the past couple of days. As much as I wanted so badly to charter “The He-Man (or women) Mo Haters Club” after Thursday night’s loss, I decided to keep my mouth shut. And besides, if I DID write, no one would have been able to understand it anyway because it would have been written in Wingdings font. You can take the girl out of the Bronx, but you can’t take the Bronx out of the girl, and quite frankly, it would have been very apparent that I suffer from New York Tourette ‘s Syndrome.


CC! You finally did what we’re paying you to do!!!! You can have your Twinkies back now. A four hit complete game shutout! Way to go big guy! This is EXACTLY what the Yankees needed last night.  A pitcher that can do his job; giving the whole bullpen the night off. You were worth every penny last night CC. There’s nothing like working both sides of the plate like a fat man digging into a Swanson Hungry Man meal. Come on, we all know the brownie goes first.


Alex. What can I say? You didn’t let us down. Welcome back. As some of you may have read, Alex came to me in a dream at the start of this week. He sat on the edge of my bed telling me that he was coming to save the day, with a cape on. Put an S on your chest for Superman, baby, as Dick Vitale would say. It was Hollywood-like to see him belt one out, on a Guthrie 97 mph fastball; his first at bat; on the first pitch. I would have patted you on the *** myself Alex, if I could have reached. If this is any indication of what the rest of the season CAN be for him, and for CC for that matter, the rest of the AL East should watch their backs. The Yankees will come up behind you in the standings, like a wedgie from a bully, in an elementary school playground.


Oh, and Alex, don’t forget. Please send Manny a “thank you” note. I think you owe him one.


Let’s not forget though, that the Orioles aren’t slouches. They may be keeping the basement warm in the AL East but their lineup is formidable. Markakis, Roberts and Mora are dangerous at the plate. Phil Hughes gets the start tonight at the Yard, and I’m hoping the momentum continues for the Yanks. Remember Detroit, Phil? Bring yourself back there mentally and you’ll be aces. You know you have it kid. Use it.


I will personally be at this game tonight. I’m thinking my presence will add some extra spark (Humor me and just let me think this). Eutaw Street, here I come. And I have a 6 year old, ace heckler at my side. Watch out.


The excitement continues at Oriole Park at Camden Yards at 7:05.