About yankeemeg

I live for this. Baseball is a passion of
mine. There is no place like a ballpark. I’ve made Eddie
Murray laugh. I like cheap wine, cheap beer, and cheap food.
I am a published photographer. I can hum and whistle at the
same time. I can spin a basketball on my fingers as well as a
Harlem Globetrotter. I’ve been kicked out of Fenway Park but
yet revered at Camden Yards. I was a college athlete. I’ve
had a career ending injury. I am Ivy League educated… for a
semester. I can play darts like a champ. I’ve had an
internship with a Congressman and didn’t sleep with him. I’ve
met Howard Cosell. I speak French and Russian badly. I had
detention everyday in HS. I didn’t eat vegtables till I was
14. I love creme brulee and steak. I live vicariously through