HA! I scared all of you, didn’t I? I see you with your chin dropped, mouth wide open. Don’t worry, I’ll ease you all back into this whole thing. Slowly.

A lot….I mean A LOT of people have asked me, “Megan, when are you going to write your blog again?” I never had an answer for them. I didn’t know.

I blamed it on having a severe writer’s block, starting mid last summer. I would write, trash it, and not post it. Perhaps I was a little too hard on myself. You know what they say, you’re your own worst critic. Well, guess what kids? I found the cure.

Bourbon (Booker’s if you ever feel like contributing to my Writer’s Block Defense Fund).

So, look at it this way…I’m like in therapy, or something. But I will write, because my good friend, Bourbon, won’t let me down.

19 days till Opening Day 2010. I can’t wait.



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